Private Cooking Lessons

Holistic Performance believes that giving you the right tools will give you greater independence and help you take charge of your own health. An initial phone consultation and intake form are required. Lessons are designed for all diet types and a 15-minute phone consultation will review any dietary restrictions, preferences, etc. An ingredients list will be given in advance and ingredients are to be purchased prior to the lesson. Lessons are designed to host 1 or 2 students in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen.  Classes are hands on, and students are expected to engage as an integral part of the learning experience. Handouts and recipes will be provided.

Cooking instruction is 2-hours in length. Holistic Performance works closely with you to design a customized class. Please contact Holistic Performance for additional recommendations. Bellow are suggested cooking class topics: 

Sauces, Stocks, Soups

Bone Broth

Asian-Inspired Cuisine

Middle Eastern Inspired Cuisine

Seasonal Cooking

Cooking with Common Kitchen Ingredients

Cooking with Medicinal Herbs

Choose from our Healthy Cooking Series for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks and dessert options:

Cooking for Vegans

Cooking for the Paleo Life

Cooking for Gluten Free Life

Cooking for Vegetarians

Cooking for Physical Performance

Cooking for Brain Health

Cooking for Gut Health

Cooking for Stress Reduction

Cooking for Diabetes

Cooking for Heart Health

Cooking for Overall Wellbeing

Cooking for Inflammation Control

Cooking for the Mediterranean Life